Secure Portable Cellular Network

RAID™ is a stand alone fully functional LTE wireless communication network
in a backpack for tactical, emergency & Instant deployment scenarios
Optional secure mesh backhaul.

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Bring the best LTE small cell technology!

3GPP LTE eNB, Full featured, Industry’s most powerful & power efficient LTE Small cell.

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Aerial LTE Network solution

Featherlite designed to stay longer durations in the air and provides comprehensive LTE network coverage.

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VNC - Hughes

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For rapid deployment of Tactical LTE networks.

vCore is an instant deployable Micro LTE network solution suitable for rapid depolyment of Tactical LTE networks.

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Mission Critical Push-to-Talk

Virtualnetcom Rapid deployable solution now incorporates mission critical push to talk solution.

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Who We Are

Revolutionizing the concept of building Radio Networks.

VNC’s Headquarters is located in Chantilly, Northern Virginia, USA.

VNC provides Innovative, Deployable Broadband Communications equipment & services. Started by a career professional with around 20 years of industry experience in creating advanced Wireless Communication & Technology solutions.

The Management team of Virtual Network Communications provides several decades of cumulative wireless network engineering and operations experience and recognizes that the requirements of today’s consumers of wireless services differs widely from the initial requirements for mobile telephone service. Indeed, requirements have changed so much that the original design of wireless networks is literally upside down to today’s network requirements.

No longer is voice communications, a 64Kbt/s stream, the primary application. Today, traffic demand moves from the edge to the core of the network, and most traffic is streaming video. The team recognizes that demand for access at the edge, from the implementation of devices for the Internet of Things (IOT), far exceeds access availability.

Our Vision & Mission

Unleashing the power of Broadband Communications.

Our vision is to reinvent how wireless networks service mission critical communications for Public Safety, Homeland Security, Department of Defense and commercial Private Network users. We envision the future of virtualized MICRO networks blanket the Globe, without expensive Terrestrial based Radio Towers and Building installations.

We are the avengers to the cause of "Democratizing Broadband Networks" by moving the network intelligence, power and flexibility to the Edge close to the customers.

Our Passion

Reinvent & Revolutionize the concept of building Radio Networks! Re-imagine Networks - Edge-centric by moving intelligence to the edge - VNC, with its technological advancements and patented technology combines Virtualized Network, Spectrum Intelligence with System on a Chip (SoC). Making Personal, Mission Critical & Private LTE Broadband networks as easy and inexpensive as WiFi networks.

Virtual Network Communications, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets and supports a line of network products for wireless network operators, mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), cable TV system operators, and government and business enterprises that enable new sources of revenue and reduce capital and operating expenses.

Featured Product


RAID™ is a stand alone fully functional LTE wireless communication network in a backpack for tactical, emergency & Instant deployment scenarios.RAID™ combines all of the key elements of an LTE Broadband Communications network into a single system using latest technological advancements such as Virtualization, System on a Chip and VNC’s secret sauce.

  • Ultra Compact , Rapid Deployable LTE Wireless Comms Backpack.
  • VNC’s Instant deployable backpack provides Broadband Data, Voice & Video        Services.
  • Light weight, portable, easy to carry, self contained and battery operated.
  • Tested with flyway Satellite Manpack backhaul.

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Latest VNC News

Read the latest news and events from VNC.

August 29, 2017

When disaster strikes, Flying Cell Towers could aid search and rescue.

Base stations carried by drones would form an ad hoc network and connect first responders. When Hurricane Harvey struck land in southeast Texas on Friday, ferocious winds and rain nearly obliterated the telecommunications network in Aransas County, a coastal community that lies directly in the storm’s path. Only one of the county’s 19 cell towers was still...

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May 30, 2017

UNT demonstrates first ever drone provided cell service for disaster response.

UNT Demonstrates First Ever Drone Provided Cell Service The complete results of this successful experiment will be presented and the device put on display later this summer at the 2017 Global City Teams Challenge Expo in Washington, D.C. “The entire team is vital to this project,” he said. “We’ve partnered with Virtual Network Communications, loT+LTE...

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July 03, 2018

The need of the hour: A case for standards in rapidly deployable communication systems for public safety

From one earthquake to another, from one hurricane to another, and from one terrorist attack to another, the world has seen again and again, the destruction of communication infrastructure caused by natural and man-made disasters and their impact on human lives. In each and every situation, the story repeated itself – communication systems and networks get choked, bringing emergency services to a complete halt. The solution to this problem is the development of rapidly deployable and interoperable communication systems...

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August 15, 2018

VNC IOPS compliant Band 14 LTE network backpack at APCO.

Keith Kaczmarek senior vice president of strategy, explains how VNC's RAID Direct Access Response Terminal can be carried easily by first responders to provide a "bubble" of LTE coverage in locations where terrestrial networks are unavailable....

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Featured Solution

Cable TV Operators

VNC Power of Virtualization Overlay Wireless over Cable Networks.

Overlay next generation services such as “High Speed Data, Carrier grade Voice & Video calling, Broadcast/Multicast Video-Multi media services” onto existing Cable infrastructure. VNC Solution enables next generation LTE Wireless services over Semi-licensed CBRS (3.5 GHz) frequency band to offer last mile wireless connectivity to Homes. Transforms a traditional cable company into an instant Mobile Carrier as well !!

  • Maximize the value of existing cable assets – Cost effectively overlay 4G LTE         on existing cable TV architecture.
  • Monetize the Mobile TV trend and enabler for upcoming IoT (Internet of         Things), Smart Cities with LTE – MTC.
  • Uniquely segmented; vertically and geographically – global in scope.
  • Wireless Network Operators and MVNO’s need LTE small cells and must move         processing to the network edge.

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Meet Our Team

At VNC we have a fantastic team of individuals, each of whom are subject matter experts in their market, and when you speak to one of our team, you'll be dealing with our knowledge & expertise you can trust.

Mohan Tammisetti

Founder & CEO

Mohan Tammisetti, a Technology and Management professional with over 20 years of professional experience in Wireless Communications started Virtual Network Communications in 2014. Lives in Virginia since 1998, suburbs of Washington DC.

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Mr. Gary R. Monetti

Gary is an experienced, self motivated executive who has worked in the information and communications technology sectors for 35 years. Gary is leading business developer at Virtualnetcom. He has significant international experience having spent 18 years conducting business globally in over 24 countries on 5 continents.

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Mr. Keith Kaczmarek

Chief Strategy Officer

Keith has more than 30 years wireless telecommunications experience. Keith is a recognized expert and speaker at national wireless industry conferences on public safety and advanced wireless technologies. Keith is the head of strategy at Virtualnetcom.

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